Seven Hills School

A Middle School for Boys

Imagine the educational possibilities in a setting where teachers welcome the spirit that adolescent boys bring into the classroom.

At Seven Hills, we embrace all aspects of the middle school boy and emphasize hands-on learning, critical thinking, and guided exploration. We foster an inquisitive mind and emotional strength within a program of demanding academic study. Here we take advantage of what makes boys different, and find meaningful ways to channel their energy and respond to their diverse learning styles.

Our small class sizes, in combination with our understanding of the developmental needs of adolescent boys, foster unique relationships between students and teachers. We are purposely designed to help boys discover how they learn best, and develop the confidence to excel.

Seven Hills students go on to the area’s top private and public high schools, including the regional Governor’s Schools, International Baccalaureate and Specialty programs, and Community and Open High. We offer the academic rigor that top high schools expect, within the supportive learning environment boys need.

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News from Seven Hills

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In The Middle, by Nancie Atwell. Third Edition Coming Soon.

"The best way to teach is to learn together with the students. One of the rare breed of teachers who do know this is Nancie Atwell." —The New York Times. When first published in 1987, this seminal work was widely hailed for its honest examination of how teachers teach, how students learn, and the gap that lies in between. Nancie Atwell shook our orthodox assumptions and became a pioneer of responsive teaching. To learn more about "In The Middle", visit

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Teachers Attend VAIS Conference

On November 3, the Seven Hills faculty attended the Virginia Association of Independent Schools Annual Conference here in Richmond.  The day began with keynote speaker Rosalind Wiseman, author of Masterminds and Wingmen, followed by teachers attending presentations including The Power of Conversation in the Classroom, Making STEM Meaningful, Experiential Education, The Art of Personal Writing, The Connections Between Math and Art, Hands-on Minds-on Science, Inquiry-Based Projects, and From Evaluation to Inspiration, a lecture and discussion led by neuroscientist and author Scott Barry Kaufman.  It was an enjoyable experience for our teaching team!

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